The 10th Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors





The sound system is built into the fabric of the Volvo XC60 Henrik explains. “The placement of the speakers and the air-ventilated subwoofer, the connectivity, the touch screen and the superior sound systems provide exceptional sound quality and ease of use. “We believe in music. We know that it really contributes to the experience in a car such as this,” Henrik Swensson from the Audio Systems Section at Volvo adds.


Bowers & Wilkins

The Volvo XC60 was designed from the ground up to integrate the top-of-the-range audio system created by Bowers & Wilkins, one of the world’s finest audio makers. “It means that the speakers can realise their full potential and create clearer, more realistic sound,” Henrik says. “What you hear is closer to what the artist intended you to hear.

“Bowers & Wilkins speakers are among the best you can buy for the home market,” Henrik adds. “We’ve benefitted from their knowledge and speaker technology and used it in our cars to create a new audio experience. “You should have perfect sound in a car because you spend a lot of time in there.”


Auto-Boss Authorized Volvo Dealer

Auto-Boss is a multi-section authorized Volvo dealer. Our salons are located in Bielsko-Biała and Chorzów. We sell new and used cars, we offer a full range of service, we sell spare parts as well as accessories. We also have a complex financial and insurance offer.
The modern interior design of the Volvo Auto-Boss showrooms is based on the Volvo Retail Experience concept, featuring a modern, Swedish style.
Chorzów is the largest car showroom in the Silesian Voivodeship. Its attraction is Volvo car exhibition on specially prepared glass plate which enables to see Volvo from the bottom.

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