The 10th Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors



From the day of the inauguration of the 10th Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors on Friday 17th November, in the Silesian Philharmonic Mirror Hall and in the arcades of the Karol Stryja Concert Hall our guests will be able to become acquainted with two exhibitions which accompany the Competition.

In the Concert Hall, eleven charts will present the history of the previous editions of the Fitelberg Competition. The charts feature selected photos from the Silesian Philharmonic’s vast Fitelberg Competition archive, taken by photographers who followed the Competition events and recorded the emotions that accompanied them.

In the Mirror Hall, visitors will be able to see the Musical Impressions exhibition of paintings by Ryszard Kalamarz, twice winner of special awards in the Bielsko-Biała Autumn (1987, 1989), twice prize-winner in the “Musical Themes in Painting” competition of the Artistic Exhibitions Bureau in Tarnów (1986, 1987), recipient of an honourable mention in the “Cosmos and Matter” painters’ competition in Elbląg (1988) and of two awards in the J. Spychalski “Arsenal” Competition in Poznań. In 2008 Ryszard Kalamarz was presented with the cultural award of the President of the City of Rybnik.

Born in Przemyśl, Ryszard Kalamarz graduated from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Jarosław and later from the Graphic Arts Department of Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts (diploma in 1979). His paintings have been presented in collective exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. His first individual exhibitions were held in Rybnik and Dębica (1989), followed by others in Przemyśl, Zamość, Tychy, Katowice (twice), Poznań (twice), Warsaw (eight times), Gliwice, Bydgoszcz, Racibórz, Żory, again in Rybnik (three times), in Sézanne (France), Moszna, Głogówek, Zakopane, as well as Tokyo and Kobe (Japan). Some of these exhibitions accompanied music events, such as the Wawer Music Festival and the International Guitar Festival. In 1999 his works were also presented during the 6th Fitelberg Competition.

Aleksandra Klich wrote: The figures from Kalamarz’s paintings – airy, frail and ephemeral – look at the viewer with an ironic half-smile. Amid theatrical sets and props borrowed from the world of theatrical illusion, among birds, masks, mirrors and seashells, dressed up in costumes – they sit gazing into the space. There is no coyness or coquetry in those figures – they seem perfectly aware of participating in the mystery of life (…) Kalamarz’s paintings, suspended between reality and the horizon, are (…) ‘a window on the infinite’. Through them, the viewer can sense part of the mystery of the world beyond ours.

This new exhibition of paintings by Ryszard Kalamarz features the following works: 1. Paper Moon 1986, 2. The Conductor 1988, 3. Penelope 1988, 4. Motherhood I 1988, 5. Motherhood II 1994, 6. Arabesque 2015, 7. Temptation 2014, 8. Song for Pablo 2014, 9. Carmina Burana 2014, 10. Punchlines 2017, 11. An Angel Descended into Babylon 2017, 12. A Merry-Go-Round with Figures 2017, 13. A Landscape with Harlequin 2017, 14. Impressions on a Theme 2017 and 15. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Again 2017.

Both exhibitions can be visited until 5th January 2018.

We recommend these special events to our guests!

From Friday, 17th November 2017

Mirror Hall, The Silesian Philharmonic
Ryszard Kalamarz – Musical Impressions – an exhibition of paintings

The arcades of the Karol Stryja Concert Hall, The Silesian Philharmonic
Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competitions for Conductors – an exhibition of photographs